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  • Carl,

    I just wanted to let you know the results from the December 2, 2014 Columbia County Commission District 3 runoff between our client Mack Taylor and his opponent Trip Derryberry.

    Mack was unquestionably the underdog going into the runoff, after finishing second in the General by a margin of 41% to 23%. I advised Mack to avoid using the usual and customary direct mail campaign and to instead go all digital. For the entire month between the General Election Day and the ensuing runoff, we fed targeted ads to voters in his commission district. The strategy melded well with our other media, plus the financial impact of this strategy was significant. The price of the digital campaign was less than the cost of a 2000 piece mailer, which translated into Mack spending more time with voters and less time raising money.

    This tactic, along with his tremendous work ethic pushed him to a 58.2% to 41.8% victory. In political speak, he won by a landslide in a race he wasn’t supposed to win.

    Thanks to you and the rest of the team at CWR Digital for being on the Mack Taylor team. This was our first race together, but definitely not our last.

    Jim Cox
    Southeastern Marketing & Production
    Jim Cox
  • I have personally known Carl Rau for almost 20 years. He is a professional in his field of digital technology. CWR has been a tremendous asset to our agency with their digital services – but more importantly – their knowledge. It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the digital products offered, how they should be integrated into your business and what exactly you need or not need. That’s why we depend heavily on CWR to keep us abreast of new products, services and how they can help us better serve our clients.

    In addition, they do first class websites. They will critique your current website and make recommendations – even going as far to send over several examples, templates and ideas.

    CWR has never “oversold” any of our clients digital products that they do not need in their advertising and marketing efforts.Give them an opportunity. You’ll be very happy with their services, you will learn a lot and you will have a lot more confidence in your digital presence in the market.

    Donna Hall
    Hall Marketing
    Donna Hall
  • Our company was looking for a marketing solution to help build our presence, reputation, and brand. CWR Digital was the right solution for our company. Over the last few months of working with CWR Digital, we found a team, not just an outsourced company. The collaboration and ability to speak with the team to fine tune our marketing campaigns has delivered excellent results. Our company is very pleased to call CWR Digital a business partner and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

    Jonathan B. Ginsberg, Chief Executive Officer
    Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC
    Jonathan Ginsberg
  • Shaw Media has worked with several vendors for Digital Advertising services. From day one, CWR has offered the best customer service. Everyone at CWR has been very timely with responses to RFPs and questions. Their reporting is superior and automatic. CWR provided a turnkey solution that we have been extremely happy with. I would recommend CWR to any publisher that holds service, accuracy, and timeliness as high priorities. Their service allows you to focus on sales and driving revenue.


    Rita Walker, Digital Advertising Director
    Shaw Media
    Rita Walker
  • CWR has been able to offer a digital solution that extends my customers’ reach and frequency. This solution offers us limitless online ad impressions which I’m counting on to impact digital revenue generation. We have seen a big bump in pure digital revenue growth since we began the program. CWR’s customer service has been excellent thus far.

    Alan Brown, President & Publisher, Madison Publications, LLC
    Alan Brown
  • We employed CWR Digital to help with the re-election campaign for U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston. The strategy that they established was strong and the carrying out of the plan was very organized and professional. The projected impressions were exceeded by a large margin during the campaign, and there is no doubt that the digital campaign contributed significantly to the fact that Congressman Kingston won the election with over 80% of the vote. We have since partnered with CWR Digital on other projects and have continued to experience their “whatever it takes” customer service culture that consistently benefits our clients.

    Rick Monroe, President, Monroe Marketing Inc, Savannah, Ga
    Rick Monroe
  • CWR Digital has answered the call for a digital provider that is responsive, helpful and hits the target in the digital world. Cutting through all the smoke & mirrors of this industry Carl and his excellent support staff are more than willing to take the extra step in providing first rate customer service and real answers to today’s digital media challenges. They are on top of everything that’s out there, so you can count on CWR Digital to provide the best solutions in the digital environment.

    Steve Johnston, President, Team 1 Advertising & Marketing
    Steve Johnston
  • To run a successful media department at a small agency, you need strategic partnerships to addend your resources. CWR Digital has extended our capabilities to deliver highly targeted digital display campaigns on behalf of our clients.

    Whether behavioral, search re-targeting or network campaigns, CWR Digital has exceeded my expectations with quality planning, execution, reporting and service.

    Jeff Kalish, Vice President, Media Director, Shepherd Agency
    Jeff Kalish
  • I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Carl for more than four years while at Morris Communications. As Director of Sales & Marketing at Powerserve, I count on Carl to be a resource for our digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Carl is a proven leader that has a unique ability to connect with his team and clients alike. His extensive media expertise and willingness to help others makes him one those guys you seek out! Carl is highly motivated and wants the best for his clients. Carl is comfortable solving challenges as well as helping identify trends and opportunities to help businesses grow.

    Jeff Asselin, Director of Sales and Marketing, Powerserve
    Jeff Asselin
  • CWR Digital is the right Internet partner for us.  We get prompt, response times and insightful guidance in directing our client’s needs. I’m a big fan of Carl Rau  and the rest of their crew because they do a great job in helping our clients prosper through effectively executed campaigns that frequently exceed our expectations.


    Les Samuels, President-Crisp and Harrison Agency, Jacksonville. FL
    Les Samuels
  • You guys simply (in one word): “ROCK”. Every client I turn onto CWR says you offer the best service!


    Mike Blinder, President, Blinder Group
    Mike Blinder
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